Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dimensionally Challenged -But the T-Shirt should be Extra -Mega Large

This blog is sometimes guilty of thought crimes - being a bit racist, homophobic, Islamphobic but its a
1000 % fatist. Think about the logistics. A few decades back criminal gangs used to do container trucks but they moved into drugs because its small items not large amounts of gear to shift.
A serial killer is not going to target a fat person -more disposing problems
.A kidnapper for ransom is going to target a rich person- few Rich people are fat- today its the poor who are fat.
Rogue minicab driver out for rape or ethnic gang out for group rape (its actual PC term) again unless they have a large van and not a car ,why take up space with a fattie.

So who would you kidnap ? 

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