Monday, 26 September 2011

Having announced that the neutral terms  BCE-Before Common Era - and CE -Common Era are to be used instead of BC and AD on dates, the BBC have revealed Christmas will be replaced by the culturally inclusive Winterfestival . Watch out for the Winterfestival Radio Times and the Queens Winterfestival Speech to the Empire in microcosm as replicated in our major cities.  see his post Sunday September 25  2011

" He who controls the past -controls the future." 1984 

Link of sorts -The movie One Million Years BCE
of course we know that Dinosaurs lived 40 million years ago - and never with people -or do we. Go to  and check  Dragons or Dinosaurs. Remember Jurassic Park had to explain how DNA from Dinos could be recovered when it would not be preserved for even thousands of years in fossils.See link below.

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