Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Selective truth - Is TV channel Russia Today any more propaganda than the BBC ?

Watched this story about the sinister GM crop company Monsanto on Russia Today - you can watch the film on youtube  or download its in the public domain on . Its a factual and true story which tells how any farmer whom Monsanto gm crops drift onto his fields is then pursued for violating their crop patent. Its clear that the gm seed is not any kind of improvement - it does not result in a better product nor producing  more abundant crop yields . What it is -nothing more than an attempt to gain control of staple food crops.
A few corporations could end up with actual legal control of staple crops. Conspiracy ?well just put into google -David versus Monsanto - judge the facts for yourself .

Note Monsanto has made no public rebutal of the facts .
Monsanto -GM seeds of destruction -

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Anonymous said...

So what does Monsanto's corrupt ways have to do with Russia Today's news reports?

You didn't thoroughly correlate the two, in your blog post.