Monday, 2 May 2011


This is the latest Suprman graphic novel sensation Superman has renounced his American Citizenship. see The original creation of two Jewish teenagers in the 1930s stood for America, even as recent as the Christopher Reeve films he stood for "truth ,justice and the American way." But no more the last son of krypton like all the other symbols of the America that was has been hijacked by the liberal elite -who have a death wish on the west eg Graphic Novel author Alan Moore =pictured- whose stories Watchmen/ V For Vendetta are full of malice towards the west.

If the Superman people where just against an aspect of American forign policy they would have just had a storyline allegory about say Iraq set on another planet or in Atlantis.< What they are against is the idea of America as a real nation. The do not care that its being invaded by Mexicans and its manufacturing base exported to China.> Its not US policy but the US they are against otherwise it would just be a story set somewhere else in time and space but commenting on the issue eg Pro-IRA anti Brit episode of Star Trek The Next Generation ep Higher Ground ,where the situation on another planet reflected the writers views about Northern Ireland.

Even a recent Superman TV Biog :Look Up To The Sky -got over the message that Superman is an immigrant , yeah how often US telecasts tell viewers "we are a nation of immigrants" while US immigration policy is deconstructing the real America that was.

It is not some aspect of America that the Superman people do not like -its that the liberal elite hijack the very heroes of the west and convert them to their own cause,
The spies of MI5 in Spooks are not shown as defending us so much as upholding the values of a liberal elite.

Same with Robin Hood ,the 1950s TV series was created by Jewish Homosexual Communists -as depicted in the film Fellow Traveller - yet it avoided refering to robbing the rich to help the poor. The recent 2006 BBC series was nothing more then crude liberal propoganda which had several Norman soldiers and Lords played by black actors in a blatent attempt to falsify our perception of Englands past and therefore its future.


Anonymous said...

Who is the sinister looking guy with the white beard -is he a krypton villian escaped from the phantom zone?

Anonymous said...

Superman took out a Superinjunction to prevent publication of his secret identity as mild mannered Clark Kent