Friday, 20 May 2011

re my previous post -update

after i wrote it on news comes a report of a police officer from Croydon being stabbed -the story has lots of public comments on - guess what most are speculating on the racial id of the trio arrested over this incident.

The officer pictured was stabbed in the stomach four times.

Readers comments on numerous web sites are guessing as to the ID profile of the trio held, and of course stating the obvious the misleading picture of hands holding knife in Police PR pic on london< Insert missing word> gang knife crime.

pictured above is the hoodrat Alister Gregson charged today with GBH -Why not attempted murder- and his father

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Anonymous said...

I agree he should of been charged with attempted murder -he was already wanted for GBH and witness intimidation. He stabbed an unarmed police officer four times in the chest, causing maybe permanent liver damage. His life was saved by modern surgery in the recent past he would probably not have survived. If this by all accounts decent copper had died would it not have been murder. So why not attempted murder.
Time was when killing a police officer in the course of duty was a capital crime -as in the controversial Croydon case of Craig , Bentley and PC Miles.
"Suspect" Alastair Gregson has had his facebook page profile -which shows his true gangster character closed.

A policeman was stabbed to death in Croydon a decade ago , there are a number of fatal stabbings in the Croydon area each year and several over the years which remain unsolved , maybe some one could compile a list of these.