Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Invisible Man takes out super-injunction

All Media outlets on Earth and 140 planets located by NASA , are forbidden to disclose THE EXISTANCE or the identity of the Invisible Man or any female in a relationship past, present or future with.

However some claim that by going to www.google.co.uk and doing a key word search of the blank spaces between words his existance can be confirmed.


Anonymous said...

re That Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas sobbing that she can sell her Giggs story - this comment sent to newspaper by David Gould -"May I suggest a new, improved super injunction friendly
version of Big Brother. Contestants enter the house but unknown to them the cameras are all switched off and nothing is transmitted. The media not inform us who the contestants are.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Giggs has been advised by his greedy lawers to so the internet - world wide web -and google search engine for letting people search his name

Anonymous said...

sorry shoud have written -sue the internet