Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Human Rights Act -Romanian Vampires Can Stay In The UK

Another Triumph for -what Blair said was his greatest achievement -passing the Human rights act which means foreign born criminal's can not be deported and the rich & powerful can obtain super injunctions.

High Court Judge B.Stoker has ruled that under the act a colony of Romanian Vampires have the right to remain in the United Kingdom.

Due to the fact that A -they have a well founded fear of persecution in Romania eg during daylight rest periods having a wooden stake driven through their hearts.

B -They have established "family ties in the UK ." Having transformed several UK citizens into Vampires.

Note there has been some legal argument as to wither Vampires -real ones not metaphoric ones such as Romanian Gypsies on UK social benefits -are Human.
As the vampires are organic and are more mentally and physically alert then those in a persistent vegetative state as seen on the Jeremy Kyle show, they have been classified as Human. The judgement in this case will also apply to Kosavan Gorgons, Haitian Zombies and Lithuanian Lycanthrops.

Apart from adding to cultural enrichment it is hoped that the Vampire colony will be assimilated into the vibrant social life of the larger community. During the transition period it may be necessary to add vampire phobia to Islamphobia and Homophobia as a potential hate crime.

Note also pictured are those other Vampires of sorts =among many -Romanian Gypsies who make multiple benefit claims in the UK paying for lavish homes in Rumania. You can always tell an English Big Issue seller from a Romanian one as the English guy has docial dog on string and the Romanian is a women with a baby .


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