Monday, 30 May 2011

Comic Relief -British Taxpayers Raise 8.5 Billion

Wow -doing something funny with your money -Good old Brits donate more as percentage of GDP 0.56 than any other nation- - as comparisons Germany as 0.38% of GDP -7.8 Billion , Italy 0.15% -1.9 Billion.

Its called Red Penis day on account of the world thinking we must be a bunch of pricks. Images of the fundraising red penis day .

We can all have a laugh as our aid money is seen at work, buying new Mercedes for grateful officials in an African state and a boaster rocket for the Indian space program.

Whats a mere 8.5 billion its just under three weeks of UK Government borrowing. Sort of like some TV viewer got caught up in a TV raise money marathon and donating via his maxed out credit card -then resorting to a cash before payday loan.

For Red Nose day some manufactures would donate every time you bought say a red nose milkshake , with red penis day every thing you buy has 20% vat so you can help contribute.

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Anonymous said...

The Foreign Aid figure does not include all the aid money given out as welfare benefits to foreigners settled in the United Kingdom, many coming on student visias and other pretexts. It must run into billions.