Tuesday, 13 December 2011

"my tram experiance" is Englands future in microcosm

http://www.englandisours.com/I have removed the picture of the women who recorded the so called tram rant for two reasons.
1   Because I have on a post the only web picture of the CPS star witness - (unless someone copies it from this page) it might visually convey this as a black and white issue -no pun intended. My posts on the subject of mass immigration are not intended to be in those terms. I am against mass immigration , according to the figures on the Guardian web site its over 9.3 million , almost the population of Sweden concentrated on some of the  major cities of England. Turning us from a country into a crowd. The sooner Scotland goes the better - then the English just may discover its their England which is systematically being deconstructed. As to the migrants, why should we not discriminate when some , not conveniently colour coded , might contain an unknown number who are undesirable. As an example people from Ghana seem to work hard and not show up in crime states, a large number of the Afghans are on some form of welfare such as the ones who hijacked a plan to get to our green and unpleasantly overcrowded land.
2   The women who recorded the so called tram rant and uploaded it to youtube was perfectly entitled to do so as the citizen of a still for the moment free country. As i have pointed out to people you can take any pictures of any adult in a public place - from The Queen Of England to the Prime Minister. Also the women who filmed it has not made any CPS contrived false witness statement against Emma West. Would be nice to have pix of the shyster lawyers involved in this politically motivated case.



www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/021206.html    This link takes you to the story about the Somalian Girl gang who made a vicious attack on a "white bitch" and walked free from court. As a week back did a black male who on a bus punched a 97 year old Indian man causing him injury. The site also has links to the story of Emma West the so called tram rant women held in a Cat A maximum security prison. Miss West has a history of mental illness but is of previous good character. You can google videos of the so called tram rant and the actual physical assaults .
 As amnation says "Face the Truth about how evil Britain's governing class really is. "  They have many collaborators.
At Croydon Magistrates Court Emma West 34 ,was denied bail in order that she could be jailed. The Court knew thats what the top people in the home office want , The pretext for denying her bail was not say she might not turn up for trial as she had a travel agent brochure and might go to Northern Cyprus,  but for her own alleged safety - according to Chairman Of Croydon Magistrates Court Ian McNeal  ,aged 54-picture to come. No threats had been received at her home but some people had posted extreme abuse on social networks eg twitter "rape her in front of her kids then kill her. "

What Magistrate Sir Ian McNeal -ok the knighthoods in the future - is doing here is incredible. This is a case which has polarised public opinions - by using this pretext for holding her in jail Croydon Magistrate Ian McNeal is in effect  inviting people hostile to this women to post more and more hate and death threats. The logic of this is clear and the reporting of this high profile case will put the idea into peoples minds. There has been concern over the number of cases in which schoolkids have made up malicious false accusations against teachers which turn out to be groundless. Now they will know that all the have to do is post death threats on twitter ect and the accused will be imprisoned for their own safety.

Emma West a racially aggravated public order offence -this is only ever used  against white people never ever the other way round. Agree  with what poster said on leave a comment. After the Stockwell underground tube shooting, key CTV footage went conveniently missing as reported in press they tried to manipulate witness statements. In order to strengthen the case against Emma West they are tracing the tram passengers -none of whom made any official complaint at the time. In order to find a couple who can be pressurised or induced into making witness statements about how traumatised they where by the so called rant.

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put into google telegraph blogs edwest  -read his post -why we need to start discriminating again

More Afghans heading to the uk - Only a couple of months back one of them less then a mile away from me battered an Asian man returning from work  to death with a brick . He was supposed to have been deported a year back by the UK Border agency -which is based in Croydon but mislaid him.Yet we go on importing more of these violent people. A court has now ruled that if they get to the UK from Greece they can not be sent back to Greece as the Greek Economy makes it unsafe for them.

THE SLOGANS - 1984 -   war is peace    freedom is slavery    truth is racist     diversity unites

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Anonymous said...

If she had not been granted bail she would have spent 37 days in jail before the next hearing- guilty until proved innocent- Two weeks ago black male wealked free from court who on a bus had punched a 97 year old Indian man .

Taken into protective custody -thats what they do in despotic countries- someone says something against the tyrant - but as all the people have to love the great leader- they person is imprisoned to protect them from the mob.

Anonymous said...

I live a two trams stops before end of line New Addington. October 2 two men where set on in Central Parade and savagly beaten by a 30 strong mob with baseball bats and metal poles. There are no police in New Addington and nobody has been arrested over this case. Even if they where you just see the Crown Prosecution Service downgrading it to an affray.
Contrast this with the huge home office directed effort to fabricate a case againt Emma West - they have tried to trace passengers on that tram -no who made any complaint at the time - and get them to make statements on how upset and distressed they where which the political motivated CPS lawers will then try and tweak. Its probably that they will try and someone who will claim they had been on a tram on a previous occassion and been racially abused by Emma West a black women would be good -one who might have a family member in trouble with the law- so she can be persuded to claim that Emma West called her a F---g N----r.

It was only because of adverse internet publicaty that this women was released on bail. Originally the Police Custady and the Magistrates had been instructed to refuse her bail .The protective custody scam in the weasel words of the magistrate"we have been told." If she as they intened been refused bail all the way to Crown Court she would in effect have served a sentance equivalent to a six/eight month jail term.Being held in the same prison by design as the worst murders such as that other West -Rosemerry ex of Fred West.

As much publiciaty should be given to this politicaly motivated case as possiable for example use to non- pre moderated Daily Telegraph web site for posting.

Someone should also use The Freedom Of Information act to ask how many if any ethnic people have been charged with a racially aggravated offence against a white person and how many white people have been so charged . As it seems one law for one group eg Somalia gang and another for English people.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

If Emma West doesn't wake people up, it is hard to see what will.

Anonymous said...

You where right the Crown Prosecution Service have found a tram passenger Ena-May Eubanks to give false evidence against her.

Anonymous said...

Is Croydons corrupt chairman of the magistrates Ian McNeil the man who lives in Oakhill Road Orpington ?

Anonymous said...

Has the case against Helen West been dropped? See Rowan Atkinson's video:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gciegyiLYtY