Saturday, 31 December 2011

In 2011 the bank of England conjured up billions of pounds

The did not actually print billions of extra pound as magiced them up electronically into the financial system.

our watch TVs 50 Greatest magic tricks- link    in the case of the so called facebook rioters they should have opted for Jury Trial not pleaded guilty . The man who gave us the in-human rights act -Scottish Sodomite Blair - wanted to curtail the right to Jury trial as part of the NuLabour project to turn a free country into a police state. As DNA database on entire population by stealth and the taking into protective custody lie -scam of Emma West.


Anonymous said...

Emma West would have no chance before Croydon magistrates - who convict almost 100% against juries who are not rubber stamp scum CPS/Police regardless of truth or right - its 80% by Jury

Anonymous said...

Tony Blair ain't Scottish you fucking numbnuts!