Saturday, 2 April 2011

with injustice for all

Croydon-14 year old girl who threw someones seven month baby into bus lane has been sent on an anger managment course -wo that will teach her.

What is the link between these images -

ok one is of one of the three MPs carefully selected to be jailed for cheating on their expenses . They all look about the same fat in face - biggest crime probably being members of a political party which promoted mass immigration and sided with Islam against the people of England. Genuine poetic justice one of the three was robbed at knife point by an enricher, while enroute to court.

Then their is Mandelson the true image of the corrupt New Labour party=not the pansy rose logo he selected. Is there any point in showing Blair who got the UK into US wars in return for US kickbacks for himself . The Man who gave us the Human rights act eg A Somalian double rapist can not be deported due to his subsequently established family ties. The Law firm which has made the most out of this act is Matrix check one of its main profiteers

Anyone expecting justice might as well look for it in road accident fatalities.

Why all the fuss about making deals if to the economic /commercial advantage with who ever enables us to have the best goverment for Lybia -thats whatever one is best for us. Wrong to deal with terrorists mmmmm see Martin McGuinness -Northern Ireland 's well paid First Minister. Who for long chief staff officer of Sinn Fein 's military wing -the IRA. He has left a trail of bodies RUC police officers, Soldiers, Civilians -some tortured first, behind him.

Finally whats the Crimson Ghost doing ok in total correction to a previous post of mine Wakefeild it seems their is a compelling case against the postmaster Robin Garbutt. Again the defence is that the murder was committed by a mysterious stranger -that no one else saw who then fled . As in the recent case of Fiona Adams and the house fire, Stephen Dowling and Sion Jenkins. Of course it is just might that the mysterious stranger in all these cases was the same person -the Crimson Ghost -or someone like him.


Anonymous said...

your posts are just two cynical why not praise the pupils who risked themselves to restrain a knifeman attacking 14 year Chloe West or the heroic self sacrifuce of the Fukushima 50

david brown said...

Bill touu nay be right but its harder to come up with anything that seems original about nice things and good people