Saturday, 23 April 2011

he made the stars also

NASA -see kepler orbiting telescope has so far identified 1200 new planets in other star systems at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy. It has also located 10 billion more galaxies in the known Universe.

Their is a theory that the entire Universe is actually needed to sustain life on Earth .That the rotation of our solar system is made possible by other stars and galaxies.

This article by Gay historian Dr David Starkey gives a brief history of the King James bible-400 years to now.

Tracing William Tyndales decisive contribution .Re Sir Thomas Moore never liked the way he was portrayed in movie -ex play-Man For All Seasons , the book Statesman & The Fanatic and recent Tudors got him right.

Paradox- Irish Catholic Mary Kenny once wrote sympathetic article on BNP founder John Tyndale -direct descendant of William, saying then as now the whole establishment of England was against this one man. Today the white liberal elite as Peter Hitchens said "the only thing they hate more then England is the Christian religion." That elite even side with predatory Islam against the people of England. While Black people now make up over 50% of English church members.

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