Tuesday, 12 October 2010

the truth is out there - as they said on the X files

The UK has the toughest libel laws in the free world. Hence the US book on Angelina Jolie is not avaliable her. After the US magazine published the claims about Beckham and the escort the UK newspaper publishers, not the editors, recieved threats from his ultra expensive lawyers not to even refer to her claims , true or not she must have something to have backed the claims up. Otherwise you would have girls selling made up stories every week. The way the UK press sort of got round it has been to denounce her as a liar - and rubbish her claims while letting readers no what they where. He was also co-incidentially named in a US divource action.

William Hague - a very able man and what would it matter in relation to his work if it was all true. A few weeks back the Sunday Times run an article which of course said their is no truth in the rumours -but then cited the key inudendos and insinuations in every other paper ie The People . It then added some of its own from the codeword Flamboyent to describe one of his old speaking engagments to the fact that he was best man at a gay friends civil marriage.

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