Tuesday, 19 October 2010

economic prophets after event one

In 1986 i published a comic book or graphic novel as they are now called -the lead story hero Johnathon Shatter -was set in a sort of idealised United States Of Europe of the near future. The opening intro line - Following the transition caused by the international banking defaults europe is United. Jonathon Shatter and Roxanne are agents of the USE aero-space intelligence agency.

Whatever what will happen when the dollar ceases to be the globel reserve currency. Which will change the whole world they same way as the fall of communisiam in all but name. Leading to a globel economy - strongly Asian dominated.

Meantime could we have a list of financial correspondents who predicted the 2008 economic banking crises. Or was it discreet silence to avoid causing panic or did the more probably have a personal motive for staying quite when money was flowing , with a few drops their way.

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