Sunday, 30 March 2014

Future Minister Of Defence to be a Muslim

WHY NOT  -  ?
                                             Shadow  Secretary of State for Business
                                          Shadow Secretary of State for Justice -is a Muslim 
                                          So why not - in fact why not a Muslim as
                                          a future Prime Minister ?
update 12-04   -As Replacement for Scam artist Maria Miller Cameron has appointed Muslim Sajid Javid as Secretary of State for Culture,Media and Sport.

note - 27% of London's Prison population is.


Anonymous said...

Quite a number are Black men who converted to Islam after being jailed for some violent crime. Gang culture continued inside. Many Black people are Christian but they are not the ones who end up in jail for violence.
Another factor is that while inside they will get better food. The prison service food budget is the same for all inmates. However Muslim charities supply Halal food to the HMP at subsidised prices.

Anonymous said...

What has happened to lying Croydon Magistrate Gerald Ellis of 23 Oakwood Avenue Purley. Is the vile perjurer still alive ? Or is he now in one of the lower circles

Anonymous said...

Why not a Muslim Prime Minister. Cameron and Blair have said they hope we will one day have a black one. What about all those people who think the next actor to play James Bond should be Black .