Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lee Rigby Killers sentenced to lifetime wait before being pleasured by harem of virgins

BNP & EDL want to give them what they want. They do not want to hang around before getting their 50 virgins .
Below Martin McGuiness also responsible for killing Soldiers and Policeman on British Streets.


Anonymous said...

Bury them with a Pork chop in their mouths in an unmarked grave. That way they will never get to meet the Virgins

Anonymous said...

The plan for a speedy trip to Paradise went wrong for them because the armed police response unit which arrived where female and shot to disable. The two killers had planed on being gunned down by the cops as martyr's for their cause. Male armed cops are trained to go for head shots as happened with the guy walking home with wrapped table leg and the guy at Stockwell. One advantage of head shots is it means the target will have no chance of giving a conflicting version of events.