Thursday, 9 January 2014


More evidence of global warming emerges - on the principle that any weather condition can be
 attributed to it/  This is the Academic Research ship into global warming - after it became trapped in the ice its crew had to be rescued.

                                            NIAGARA FALLS

                                           SNOWMAN HAS MELTED -
                                           BLAME IT ON GLOBAL WARMING

How stupid can some people be- 1 Ed Milband was responsible for passing so called green taxes that put an average of £112 peoples energy bill . Here is his recent energy bill -found it on someones site
the same scum creep is also responsible for backing high cost renewable energy that will make our industry noncompetitive. Yet he gets praised for talking about a freeze on the energy suppliers bills/

His father was a communist - A good communist policy might be the liquidation of Ed Milband

postscript - Cameron  attributed the gale force storms of January to global warming - the father of his wife has financial involvement with wind farms.

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parisclaims said...

His father was a communist. As was his grandfather.