Sunday, 15 December 2013



Every year in Croydon Charity fund raisers in Santa Outfits paid to sing and hold these sealed buckets . Guess how many coins in each bucket . Guess how many coins in each bucket go to charity.

Best Christmas toy for the nature worshipping greens 

The Christmas Murder. Not a  Christmas TV special. There is always one exceptionally vicious murder carried out to be reported in the Boxing day papers.

The Christmas party shag - which later results in divorce, false rape claim ect.

The traditional BBC Christmas Ghost Story - in this one evil spirit returns to haunt the BBC

The Snowman & Snowman - Gay time until they melt away.

The people who will have good tidings of comfort and joy:

 and coming for a prosperous new year in 2014

postscript i assume that The Queens Christmas speech has already been recorded and so will not work in Mandala and reconciliation at Christmas.

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