Thursday, 8 August 2013


All This And Rabbit Stew one of twelve banned Bugs Bunny Toons which are alleged to be none PC about American Indians , Japanese even that they where made during WW11.

See this link and on Cameron's dirty tricks plan against the UK Independence Party  expect just before next election at least one key member of the UK Independence Party to be arrested on trumped up charges. Maybe the security services will plant kiddie porn on the hard drive.

See this link after original report in Sunday Times

So whats the big issue for the England hating liberal - that the UK Government give billions of borrowed money to support the rich elite of Africa. Of course not it was that a UK Independence Candidate used the words Bongo Bongo land. Is this party made up of Loony Tunes or are the real Loony Tunes anyone who votes for
 I Can't Believe Its Not The Labour Party?

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