Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Terror Suspect will be at large for years


I avoid so called conspiracy theory stuff - most of which claims an improbable alternative account of some event - Diana car crash, 9/11, Suicide of David Kelly. However most of was in Newstand magazine Scallywag - when it suggested PM John Major was having an affair - he put out a decoy disinformation story with a women he could prove he was not - more respectfull  magazine New Society picked up on it and he took legal action for being accused of adultery . Check the article . 

For conspiracy buffs who like making connections -when he was Welsh Secretary he headed up the  enquiry into the Welsh boys home abuse case - re Lord McAlpine allegations. Another Welsh Secretary was Ron Davis - one night he toured Clapham Common doing oral on black rent guys. He was relieved of his mobile phone which ended up at The Sun. They returned it - assume they hacked it- a day later the front page headline "Are We Being Run By A Gay Mafia."    some one posted comment -so put link here .

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Establishment cover up -
The Telegraph 15-11-2012 has story on M15 removing the police file on Cyril Smith.