Friday, 18 May 2012

Greek Boat trips -will they accept Euros or Drachma ?

The key question for us must be will Greek Island holidays be cheaper. When i went to Crete there where lots of stray cats and dogs wondering around. Given the economic downturn has that increased? Stray pictured below.
On Greek theme - the Olympic flame has arrived -an ancient tradition not- pictured is the source of this - Leni Riefenstahl 1938 movie Olympia than the Games where used to promote the Aryan ideal this time round they are going to be used to promote British Multiculturalism. Propaganda then and now .

I dont post links to extremist or conspiracy type sites -however the comments on the Olympics here are interesting - A few years back -On the BBC -some show called Black British - did edition on ideas of race differences -saying at the next Olympics all the top sprinters -regardless of which team country they represent will be descended from one Tribal group in Kenya .

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