Saturday, 19 November 2011

fading back - Amy Winehouse spooks Pete Doherty

Just because this story first appeared in The Sun and Doherty is a former junkie I think its true. Doherty himself has been linked with several deaths one a probable murder. It is consistent with accounts of earthbound spirits. Never seen a ghost but once in a deserted old army type club in Heston ,aged about 12 had strong feeling of a presence staring at me. I have meet very genuine ,reliable and down to earth sort of people who have recounted seeing apparitions .

Who should Doherty summon ?  Ghostbusters , The Exorcist, or Scooby Doo -well depends on which one has the best theme tune.

Amy herself seems to have had an encounter with the spirits , of the non-drink kind , before becoming one. Read above link.

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